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Unexpected savings or income instantly brings us joy and excitement, no matter how much the amount. However, when unforeseen expenses or outgoings catch us off guard, we suddenly feel utterly clueless.

 It’s around 1 PM on a sunny Sunday. 

 I find myself lonely and stuck until evening when my wife and children return from the wedding. Though an orphan feeling is slowly creeping up on me, my quirky mind is buzzing with ideas on how to treat myself like I am in my 20s for the day.

Without a solid plan in mind, I headed to the nearby South Indian restaurant for a quick lunch – less about hunger and more about passing time. Upon arriving, I encountered the usual Sunday crowd. Luckily, I spotted a friend from my 30s sitting in a corner.

As I approached him, we were equally thrilled to see each other – a reminiscent feeling of old 70s Hindi movies where brothers, separated in childhood, find assured union when they become adults. Indeed, we had a wonderful lunch, delightful and truly enjoyed, releasing floods of good old memories. when I offered to pay for the meal, my friend strongly resisted and insisted on treating me.  Unexpected savings on my meal made me realise that happiness can be found in even the smallest things in life.

Now It’s 2:30 PM. 

Feeling unsure of what to do, I began driving home until another plan struck my mind. However, a Hindi movie featuring a Bollywood Superstar was playing in a nearby cinema hall, which caught  my attention. Intrigued, I checked the showtime on my mobile app and found it was starting at 3 p.m. Swiftly, I opened my mobile app to book the ticket online. However, when the convenience fees appeared alongside the ticket price, I hesitated. To save 15% on fees, I decided to buy the ticket directly from the cinema hall counter.

I truly enjoyed the movie, and even realised it was a better choice than attending the wedding.

While I wonder how quickly my focus has shifted from a 20s spending mindset to a 50s saving mindset. When I asked for a ticket at the counter, the attendant showed me the computer screen having two seats available in the middle of the row, but I preferred side seats. While glancing through the computer screen my eye fell on the next row having a side seat. But when I checked with the counter boy, he told me the next row starts with the economy class and confirmed that side seats are available. But the word ‘economy class made me hesitate for a moment. However, I suddenly connected it with my travels in economy class on flights, so how does it matter? I chose that option to save an extra 20%. And then, Just as I was about to proceed, unexpectedly a young boy hurriedly approached me and asked if I would take his insignia class ticket at half of the price as he had to rush due to some unforeseen personal emergency. Saving encourages more saving.

First forward to end of movie.

I truly enjoyed the movie, and even realised it was a better choice than attending the wedding. While stepping out of the cinema hall, I recollected all my savings and suddenly realised that I had missed one more savings. It was about saving on parking charges by leaving my bike in the unsecured area of the mall, instead of Cinema Hall paid parking. 

No matter how much I tried to prove my innocence with my corporate polished convince and negotiation skills, she remained stubborn

Thrilled by the unexpected savings,   I kick-started my bike, and without a second thought, decided to take a shortcut to home, driving a few meters on the wrong side of the road. But to my utter dismay, as soon as I found myself on the wrong side, a traffic inspector miraculously appeared out of nowhere, pointing a phone camera at me. Caught off guard, unsure of what to do. She asked me “driver’s license please” and questioned me about my missing helmet.

No matter how much I tried to prove my innocence with my corporate polished convince and negotiation skills, she remained stubborn.

Frustrated with the non-working of any of my skills in the greatest hour of need, I desperately looked for a cup of tea from a roadside tea cart. As I savoured the tea, a message notification alert flashed on my mobile.

Mumbai traffic police – E-challans for two traffic violations. please make the online payment through the given link within 15 days to avoid court proceedings. 

To my utter disbelief, the fine amount was ten times the day’s savings.

Sometimes, it takes just one impulsive choice to nullify all the responsible actions and decisions we’ve made. The art of living with dignity lies in our ability to manage both our spending and saving habits wisely. Thank you.

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